Load Size Estimator

Below is a guide to help you work out what quantity you have and price estimator.                 

We do not charge a call out fee unlike some other businesses 

Our caged vehicles hold approximatley a volume up to 10 yd / 7.65 m3  1000 kg max weight limit.

6 yd is approx the same size as a standard builders skip.

Price dependant on type of waste and weight.

Only very small quantities of rubble,soil,concrete accepted,ask before booking.

Contact us for a free no obligation estimate the final price will be determined by our experienced staff on site, send photos of the rubbish or waste to be collected and your approxamation of the weight and your location so we can help determine the load size and price for you.

Added Extra Waste Will Be Chargeable 

Send photos via whatsapp,messenger, or as an email attachment etc.

Max load weights and distance are applicable ask for details when booking.

Same day payment required.

Waste will be returned for non payment.



1 yd / 0.76 m3 Comparison size = 2 Washing Machines
2 yd / 1.53 m3 Comparison size = 4 Washing Machines SMALL LOAD
3 yd / 2.29 m3 Comparison size = 6 Washing Machines
4 yd / 3.06 m3 Comparison size = 8 Washing Machines MEDIUM LOAD
5 yd / 3.82 m3 Comparison size = 10 Washing Machines
6 yd/ 4.58 m3 Comparison size = 12 Washing Machines LARGE LOAD (BUILDERS SKIP SIZE EQUIVALENT)
8 yd / 6.11 m3 Comparison size =16 Washing machines XL LOAD
10 Yd / 7.65 m3 Comparison size = 18 XXL LOAD

Extra charges applicable for plasterboard,full tins of paint, we should be notified beforehand on quantity.

Ask if your items are not shown on the list.

We do not take hazardous items ie,tyres,asbestos, etc,if you are not sure contact us beforehand and we will be happy to help.