Collection Size Guide

Below is a guide to help for your sizing and weight when you order a collection.

We are not rigid on size and weight this is purely for guide purposes.

We can collect from the smallest size and weight 1 y3 / 0.76 m3  up to 8 y3 / 6.11 m3 

Distance applicable.

If the size or weight turns out to be larger than quoted then we can adjust the price accordingly. 

Contact us for a fee quote,you can send photos in of the rubbish to be collected so we can help determine the load size for you.

We are on whatsapp,messenger,email etc.

1 y3 / 0.76 m3 Comparison Size = Two Washing Machines
2 y3 / 1.53 m3 Comparison Size = Four Washing Machines
3 y3 / 2.29 m3 Comparison Size = Six Washing Machines
4 y3 / 3.06 m3 Comparison Size = Eight Washing Machines
5 y3 / 3.82 m3 Comparison Size = Ten Washing Machines
8 y3 / 6.11 m3 Comparison Size = Sixteen Washing Machines

Extra charges applicable for plasterboard we should be notified beforehand on quantity and price.

We do not take hazardous items ie freezers,fridges,tyres etc,if you are not sure contact us beforehand and we will be happy to help.